Vent Post

The here and now…

  I’ve been asked a lot lately, “How is your book coming along?” My response is typically “Lousy.”   It’s a tough ordeal, that the one thing you love doing, is set aside because it is just such a task. Want an example?   I’m trying to take several events, that typically would be explained … Continue reading


Summer is here!!

Schools out and so is the sun!!! It’s time for picnics outside, pools, the beach, video games, and waterpark fun right?! Not for me, not this Summer. I’ve been out of the work force for over a year now, and once Summer is over, I’m going to get right back in to it. Which is … Continue reading


Teaser #1

Writing and having the focus to do so is truly a task in and of itself. The ideas continue to pour out no matter where you are and what you’re doing, but once the words start flowing out of your fingertips and on to your Word document, your daughter asks you to either refill her … Continue reading