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The here and now…


I’ve been asked a lot lately, “How is your book coming along?” My response is typically “Lousy.”

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It’s a tough ordeal, that the one thing you love doing, is set aside because it is just such a task. Want an example?


I’m trying to take several events, that typically would be explained over a few years, and push in into just a few days. The details aren’t there as much as they need. I’m not describing enough. Trying to find something to explain while your character is driving, is hard to do when you have so many other things to explain; while doing it tastefully. Your characters have to be explained and mostly all likeable. Try to figure out how to explain a catastrophe that someone can relate to.


I absolutely love writing, I do, it is one of the most favorite things I could do all day… aside from Twitter and watching reruns of The Real Housewives of Orange county. And I honestly thought I would have a full two weeks to just write a lot, since my kids are with their father – but I haven’t written as much as I had hoped, and as of late, I’ve changed some of the beginning of my story. Guess its all a work in progress right? The funny part of all of it is, I actually have two more stories lined up to write, following this one. I’ve GOT to get this going.


Not to mention, when my kids come back, I’m going to officially have 3 kids, almost full time, a puppy I’m potty training, a husband to cook dinner for and play video games with, daily chores, a cat we are about to get back and possibly rehome because we didn’t want him going somewhere else random, and when this summer is over, I’m going to have work! Talk about having a long list of things to do. I’m really going to have to focus on coming up with a schedule for every one of some sort. And although, I have many priorities, I’m really going to have to make this one of them, or it’ll never get written. I’d like to have it written before I turn 50…


My other struggle is social media. I just don’t get it. I will never have a ton of followers, although I’ve got a good amount now (for me at least), my blog will never be flooded with views(although it’s gotten a pretty good amount now), and if I don’t come up with some sort of following, this book will never be sold to any type of publishing agency – and I will be stuck selling ebooks on Amazon for the rest of my life. I’m sorry, that’s not a shot at anyone doing that, but its a dream to have my book published paperback.


I hope you all have a great rest of the day, Friday, and weekend! I get my kids back on Sunday, so I know I will!


XOXO! -Ash


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