Vent Post

I’ve got a feeling…tonight’s gonna be a good night!

So, as of  last night, I have officially passed into “chapter ending territory.” 🙂 YAY!

I started yesterday morning @ 3500 words, and managed to pass 5600, unedited, before bed time – whilst also having finished the dishes, taking out the trash, a couple of loads of laundry, and making dinner for the kiddo’s. Don’t ask me how that happened, but I will allow you to call me Supermom. Just this time though… At least until  I can find something to top that.

Having 5600+ words can either sound like a lot to you or sound like very little. Just to give an idea of how many words I need to have for this particular genre, novels preferably start around 100,000 words. That is an average 7100 (+/-) words per chapter.

Here’s my struggle: In writing this first chapter, I find myself going back in to edit each paragraph prior to what I’m writing, adding more details to the story, trying to pass time, or fixing contradiction. I know that in the process automatically includes additions and subtractions, but the hard part is knowing when to add and then when to subtract. I think in the end, it will all be where I want and what I want, or may never be exactly like I want, but it is still something I will be thinking about until it’s finished. I guess that’s just what comes with being “writer”. Although, I’m still trying to find the exact line of what is or isn’t a “writer” anyways. I don’t want to claim to be one if its inaccurate. That’ argument is destined for a completely different blog.

photo (6)

I have also noticed, in writing this, sometimes when I get into the story, I tend to put it in past tense. I’m wondering if anyone else is doing that too. I don’t even really notice it until I am reading back over and at one point I’m IN the story, and the next I’m TELLING what happened. I know when explaining a past even, it’s acceptable, but not when you’re trying to help the reader to “live” the story you’re telling.

ANOTHER issue I’ve found, is that I tend to use the words, ‘said’, ‘says’, ‘spoke’, ‘questioned’, and ‘asked’, over and over and over! Sometimes it sounds redundant. That is until you realize, you can’t even follow your own dialogue. Yes, I would prefer to use a completely different term, each time my story has a discussion, but you can’t pull the thesaurus out on your readers, or they’ll be like, “This is girl nuts, I can’t understand this, she’s a terrible writer, and I’m returning her verbal vomit.”

Anyways, I wanted to vent a little about where I am. I’m really hoping to have my first chapter done (unedited), by at least tomorrow night, if anything this weekend. I’m also still looking for a goal as to when to have this whole thing finished. So if you have any websites with a countdown or timeline, or even “get your writing done now” site, please let me know!

I truly hope you’re having a wonderful Thursday!! Blogging almost feels like procrastinating, but I guess it helps in the process.

XOXO – Ash


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