Teaser #1

Writing and having the focus to do so is truly a task in and of itself. The ideas continue to pour out no matter where you are and what you’re doing, but once the words start flowing out of your fingertips and on to your Word document, your daughter asks you to either refill her cup of milk or change her “carcoons”.

So before she asks me to change the channel for the 45th time this morning, I thought I would give you a little teaser!

Her hair is as red as the lipstick you keep in your purse and her eyes are as green as the grass outside your door. She’s indecisive about everything, but that’s because she wants you to choose what makes you happy. She’s misread, but not misguided. She’s passionate and hard-headed, but she always gives the benefit of the doubt. She’d give you the shirt off her back at the snap of a finger, but if you ask too much for that shirt, she will blow off the handle. She never plays the victim yet she’s always the scapegoat. She’s a night owl and isn’t afraid to admit it. Her life is full of chaos – and that’s not because she creates it, but by coincidence. Her personality is and always has been upbeat, but sometimes there’s a lack of optimism. Her humor may be dry and sarcastic, but that’s because she doesn’t take everything too seriously, and most people are offended by that. She has a hate/love relationship with society, but she’d never admit to it. Her mother couldn’t have children, but her parents opted for a surrogate, so essentially she has two mothers active in her life. She has always settled, but she won’t this time because she and her son want and need stability.  Her son is her world and she will stand by him until he’s 40, but she might be a little overprotective.  She’s extremely caring and finds a lot to be offensive, however she never says anything about it – so when she does, people think she’s being too emotional. She’s feisty and that’s what guys like about her, but the guys she keeps running into, always seem to be the crazy ones. She just can’t find that balance between her own self-worth, and others worthy of her. She has swimsuit fetish. She hates talking on the phone. She was born and raised in California, but always wanted to move to Tennessee. Her dream guy would own a mansion, farm, and live in the mountains. Once you think you know her, she will reset your radar.

She’s lovable, witty, and snarky!

Meet my main character!

Please note: this is not my actual character.

Please note: this is not my actual character.

I’ve got just over 3500 words of the FIRST chapter, but I’m getting back on it today. I need to set my goal to have this first chapter done, but getting to 7k or 8k words, has been quite frustrating. My fingers have been freezing and confused just typing this, so I know this break has been way too long. I guess that means I need to put my reading glasses back on and get to typing before this book never gets finished! I hope you enjoyed! I will be posting teasers every now and again about my characters or my story, or even a situation in it. Have a wonderful rest of May!


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