Intro Tid-Bits

This is pretty much going to be my “introductory post”, however a lot that come on this page might already know me. If you don’t, than this is the page for you! It’s just a few random things. Some you may feel it’s “need to know” basis, but its a blog, so it really isn’t.

I decided to open another blog up, for the sole purpose of being able to relate to others that are writing currently, and also dealing with every day life.  My title “Dreams and Laundry Baskets” means a few different things. Dreams means what it says, ambition if you will. Laundry Baskets, means a few things. Your “dirty laundry” or your dirty secrets that can tarnish you. Your daily or weekly drama that are never an option to get out of, that you need to fold up and put away to focus on something else. Or simply your actual laundry, the one you wash, dry, fold and either put up or hang up. You be the judge of how you think it fits for you, or me. That’s why the title was so fitting. It reaches all of us.

  • My name is Ashly.
  • I live in Cedar Park, which is a suburb of Austin, TX.
  • I am a mother of three: I have two children from my tummy and one from my heart. That’s literally what I tell them when they ask.
  • I am a SAHM right now. I am loving every bit of every minute with the kids as they grow, but I will say, I also love working.
  • I am twenty-eight, just turned, but I usually tell people I am twenty-five. I was blessed with a baby face and I’m not afraid to use it – I use sarcasm A LOT.
  • Judgement is a pet-peeve of mine, along with people who don’t take accountability. Oh and people who think you’re ignorant. And people who are actually full of themselves. People that don’t have a life and think yours gets on their nerves… ok I’ve hit tangent point and now I’m moving on.
  • Sometimes having a blog, makes me feel a little full of myself, which is the pet peeve I have against other people. It a double sword if you ask me.
  • I’ve had more hair colors than you’ve probably done the dishes in one week.
  • I’ve turned my “baby got paid Friday’s” from buying a thing of nail polish to $1 books from Half Priced Books. The quotations are around a joke my husband makes towards me – and I hate it. But I can’t say it’s not funny, because it is. Don’t kid yourself though, I am no “gold-digger” as to which I have been called before. When my husband and I got together, we were both servers. I shouldn’t have to give any more explanation for that LOL
  • If I told you the number of pets I’ve had, you would probably tell me I am not destined to be a pet owner, but I tread on. One of these day’s I might give you a list. For now, I have a Chihuahua and her name is Rogue. She is very small, spunky, and very affectionate.
  • I can be a spit-fire, but I’m extremely nice the majority of the time.
  • I have an extreme fear of fish. Go figure too because I love the lake and aquariums.
  • I like when someone disagrees with me, because it actually teaches me a thing or two.
  • My husband won a trip to the Bahama’s and Honolulu for his job – places I’ve always wanted to go, but I have a huge fear of flying and can’t believe I made it all the way there. It was beautiful I should add, and I would love to go back!
  • I have been divorced and three years later remarried the love of my life.
  • I’ve been trying to work on a book style for years, literally four. I could never find what I wanted to write about, or the genre, I just knew I had a knack for words and wanted to get my writing out there. This year, after two other rough draft outlines and a few rough draft chapters thrown out, finally found the style of book I wanted to write.
  • I’ve struggled with my weight for years.
  • I had a bloody nose so bad in high school, I had to stick a tampon in it. That’s true.
  • I was writing a blog for a while called “Epiphanies of Ashly”, but I closed it down because it seemed quite juvenile for my taste now and I just kind of retired it.

I guess that’s really all I can think of for now. This blog is really just to help me in venting about writing and every day life and to help any of you be able to relate to it if you can. And if you don’t want to read it, I’m totally cool with that. I’m a firm believer of “if you don’t like it, either quit or leave it alone”.

Currently for the novel I’m writing, I have the characters drawn out in my head, with backgrounds included. I have an outline of the story and names for my characters. I don’t, however have a title yet, but that is in due process. I really wish I could find a website with multiple avatars to create, so that I could draw them up.. So if you know of any, please let me know!

Anyways, I just want to welcome you to my renewed, new blog!

I can’t wait to share with you the frustration and the struggles I will have on my writing journey.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!


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